Who we are

During quarantine, I noticed that there is no reason to wait and if u wanna fullfill your dreams you have to start right now. I always had a passion for a fashion and it's my dream since childhood to be business owner.

Christine Joy Toress

To address this, my boyfriend and I started this company "Cevrie Inc" to get womens high quality fashion. We started selling just to friends in Manila and than started our own brand store after getting great feedback.


To make every woman feel empowered, to accept and love their own body by giving array of choices that will complement their body shape. Provide customers with easier, happier and less hassle shopping experience through their fingertips.


Cevrie aims to promote quality clothes that is chic, classy yet comfortable that will match every season. A brand that can truly represent their well-being.


We are Cevrie, a team that works for quality and uniqueness. And we love what we do, it is who we are. Cevrie is a brand for our generation. We promote happy and care-free women that are searching for a brand that can truly represent their well-being.

In our team, we believe in empowering one and another. And our purpose is very straight-forward – To make you feel confident and proud, inside and out. Either you are looking for a simple dress to hang out with your friends, go shopping or even for a night out outfit. We promise to deliver the uniqueness and quality you Cevrie ladies deserved.

At Cevrie, you are the priority, your opinion is our initiative. We want you to feel beautiful, "YOU" are our inspiration.

With love Christine and Jakub